Liberal arts students get support from Angus Reid


If you're a student of history, sociology or philosophy and you are looking for an answer to pessimists who ask “What are going to do with a degree like that?”, Angus Reid's essay, The Schooling of Entrepreneurs, provides a lifeline.

Reid, founder of one of North America's largest market research companies and holder of a doctorate in sociology, gives hope to those studying the liberal arts. He disputes those who think the pursuit of a broad background in the arts or sciences is a waste of time and money.

If a liberal arts degree is pursued with passion and curiosity, it can be a very valuable in today's marketplace, he argues. “A liberal education should open the student's eyes to the patterns and idiosyncrasies of humanity. And those are phenomena that you want to be familiar with if you want to succeed in the marketplace. Beyond all the cyphers, you need to know people and their nuances,” Reid writes.

To view the complete essay, click on the link below. Note: Acrobat Reader is required to view the document.

(Editor's note: The essay is posted on the Daily Web with permission from Angus Reid.)