Laptop computers available on loan to faculty


One-time reallocation funding for special equipment purchases will boost the availability of equipment offered by the media production services department.

Director Paul Knowles says the $60,000 has been used to lease four laptop computers (as a pilot project) and to purchase three video data projectors for use in classroom presentations. In addition, the department has purchased a video data compression unit (with matching funds from the department's budget), which is used to compress VHS format to MPEG-1 video format, for in-class PowerPoint presentations or for Web-based teaching. The unit will be housed in the Learning Technology Resource Centre in the Thode Library.

Providing laptops on loan is a new direction for the University, Knowles says. Previously, the University has not made funds available for laptop computers for classroom teaching. Media services often receives requests for them, but Knowles says he simply couldn't afford to purchase any from his annual budget. “This is the first time the University has provided laptops on loan to faculty.”

The Centre for Leadership and Learning will co-ordinate the loan of laptop computers under this pilot project.

With the purchase of additional video data projectors, the department now has a total of 32 units, 16 of which are permanently installed in classrooms around campus.