It’s time to Light Up The Night — all day

A poster that says Light up the Night: The Journey, with 3 people's pictures beneatheit

Celebrate the end of classes and your own unique journey through a very unusual year. Enjoy trivia, escape rooms, live concerts and more — all from the comfort of your couch.

Classes are done, and that means it’s time to Light. Up. The. Night.

…And the day, too, thanks to the wonders of online programming.

So join the McMaster community in a day-long virtual gathering and celebration of everyone’s respective journeys through a very tumultuous year.

Light up the Night: The Journey features live interactive music, virtual escape rooms, bingo, trivia, inspiring discussions and tales of perseverance and triumph from some of our incredible alumni.

When, How and Who:

Light up the Night starts at 10 a.m. Wednesday April 14 and is open to McMaster students, staff, faculty and grads. Click here to Register for any or all parts of this day-long extravaganza of fun.

Okay, but what will we be doing?

There are many events to enjoy as you wrap up the term, including:

Visit the Light up the Night website to learn more.

Light Up the Night: The Journey is brought to you by MSU Campus Events and the McMaster University Alumni Association. Special thanks to BMO for its generous sponsorship of Light Up the Night. If you register for and attend any event, you automatically have one of two chances to win an iPad Air (4th Gen).

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