Innovation Showcase researcher spotlight: Kathryn Grandfield

Photo by Jin Lee

Since 2008, the McMaster Innovation Showcase has raised awareness of McMaster’s role in helping local businesses and economies grow. Hosted by the McMaster Industry Liaison Office, the event includes keynote speakers, panel discussions, open houses at entrepreneurship hubs and more.

Along with highlighting McMaster’s research, the Innovation Showcase also builds and strengthens private-public sector partnerships, and provides a venue for local business leaders and government officials to learn more about the university’s facilities and technology.

Kathryn Grandfield is one of the researchers who will be showcasing their work at this year’s event.

On her research and what she likes about it

Our lab develops new biomaterials and imaging approaches for bone applications such as dental implants and knee or hip replacements.

I like that our field is constantly evolving — as technological advances are made in one area, we have more to explore in the bone implant field. For example, 3-D printing has opened up a whole new realm of possibilities for us.

On how she got into her area of research

I completed my BEng in Materials Science and Engineering at McMaster, but it wasn’t until I went to Sweden to pursue my PhD that I started working in the biomaterials field. I’ve been hooked ever since!

On the challenge of bringing research into the “real world”

Bringing implant research into the real world is always challenging because of the complex testing, timeline to market and inevitable liability involved. The best way for us to make an impact is to team up with established companies that can benefit from our technical expertise but already have a framework for moving products forward.

On her biggest success

My students are my biggest success. Now that I’m five years into my career at McMaster,  my students are entering the real world. It’s rewarding to watch them learn, accomplish great research in the lab and graduate — and know that they have the skills to contribute to society in their next career.

On what she’s reading right now

I’m reading Thrive by Ariana Huffington. So far it has some great tips for work-life balance.

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