In photos: Celebrating our Spring 2024 graduates

A person in a graduation gown blowing a kiss as they cross a Convocation stage

Sealed with a kiss: A McMaster alumna crosses the Convocation stage at a ceremony for Faculty of Humanities and Arts & Science graduates (Photo by Colin Czerneda/McMaster University)

Spring 2024 graduates, you did it!

Congratulations on your resilience and hard-earned achievements. It was a pleasure to celebrate with you and your loved ones during this Convocation season that saw graduates cross the stage at 11 Faculty ceremonies and three graduation celebration events.

Marauders, we can’t wait to see what you do next.

Three people in graduation robes, each smiling and holding a bouquet of flowers
Smiles all around: School of Nursing graduates celebrate moments after crossing the Convocation stage
A woman in ceremonial convocation regalia speaking at a podium. Behind her is a crowd of people wearing colourful convocation gowns.
McMaster University Chancellor Santee Smith presides over a Convocation ceremony
Two people in graduation robes standing outdoors smiling at the camera
Faculty ceremonies were held at the First Ontario Centre in the heart of downtown Hamilton
A student wearing a Kente stole and convocation gown shakes the hand of McMaster's president David Farrar
Let’s shake on it: A School of Nursing graduate shakes hands with David Farrar, president of McMaster
Four people standing in front of a McMaster-branded backdrop. Two of them are holding framed degrees, while another is holding a bouquet of flowers
Faculty of Engineering grads making us #MacEngProud
A man in a maroon and red graduation gown speaks into a microphone at a podium
This Convocation season’s honorary doctorates, which consisted of philanthropists, scholars, innovators and trailblazers, shared insights from their lives and areas of expertise. Here, Senator Tony Dean, shares word of wisdom with Faculty of Social Sciences graduates.
A person places a Kente stole over the shoulders of a graduate
A graduate receives a Kente stole at this year’s Black Excellence Graduation Celebration.
The back of a person speaking into a microphone with one arm outstretched above their head.
Say it loud and proud: A graduate shares their name and degree with the crowd gathered for the Black Excellence Graduation Celebration. The third annual event was held at First Ontario Concert Hall this year to accommodate the quickly growing celebration.
Faculty members wearing colourful convocation robes look on as graduates cross the convocation stage
Get yourself faculty that look at you with this much pride!
A line of people wearing purple stoles look on as three people participate in an Indigenous drumming circle. Behind them is a screen that reads, 'Congratulations Class of 2024.'
The sounds of drumming, laughter and joy filled the LR Wilson Concert Hall for this year’s Indigenous Graduation Celebration, which saw the hard work and accomplishments of over 20 graduates recognized.
Two women, both in ribbon skirts, stepping towards each other to embrace
A stole and a really big hug: Elder Kathy Knott embraces a grad as they cross the stage at the Indigenous Graduation Celebration.
Seven people, four of whom are wearing purple stoles, pose for a photo.
Faculty members were on hand to celebrate the graduates, and also to remind them that while their degree may be complete, the relationships they began here will endure and grow stronger with time.
A crowd of people, most wearing convocation stoles, standing posing for a photo on a stage
Making history: Graduates and award winners were celebrated at the inaugural Latin American/LatinX Graduation and Celebration Ceremony, believed to be the first of its kind in Canada.
Rows of people seated, waiting for a ceremony to begin. The people in the front row are smiling at the camera.
Loved ones and supporters packed the Phoenix to cheer on students, staff and faculty who have various ties to Latin America and its diasporas, as well as graduates of the the Interdisciplinary Minor in Latin American and Latinx Studies.
Two people, one of whom is wearing a graduation gown and stole, smile and post for a photo against a McMaster-branded backdrop
Let’s hear it for all the loved ones that supported our graduates along the way.
A woman in a graduation gown smiles as she crosses the Convocation stage
A smile of accomplishment: A Faculty of Humanities grad gets their big moment.
A person in a graduation gown shakes the hand of the chancellor, who is dressed in convocation regalia
Parting words from the Chancellor — a McMaster graduate herself!
Two people in convocation robes and holding bouquets of flowers while standing in front of McMaster's Edwards Arch
A time honoured tradition: A photo by the Edwards Arch
Three people holding framed degrees smiling as another person takes their photo on a cellphone
Graduates, those degrees look so good on you
Two photos side-by-side. On the left is a person holding a framed degree. On the right is three people, one of whom is holding a framed degree.
Are you truly a McMaster Engineering grad if you don’t have a picture of yourself by the Iron Ring?
Five people posing for a photo. Four of them are holding McMaster degrees.
Capturing an amazing moment with friends
Four people, one of whom is wearing a graduation gown and holding a bouquet of flowers, pose for a photo
Marauders, we can’t wait to see what you do next
A teddy bear that has a convocation cap and gown set on a surface with a bouquet of flowers in front of it
Welcome to the McMaster Alumni community, McMaster graduates!

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