Imperial Oil partnership means new opportunities for undergraduate education


[img_inline align=”right” src=”” caption=”D. Day, R. Peterson, P. George, R. Wilson”]A Learning Innovation Grants Program will be established at
McMaster thanks to a $1-million partnership with Imperial

“This is a unique opportunity to change substantially how
undergraduate programs at McMaster are delivered,” said
President Peter George. “The University has led the way in
developing inquiry and self-directed education, and the
generous support from Imperial will allow McMaster to continue
to deliver top quality programs in a way that will best serve our

In announcing the donation, Imperial's chair, Robert B. Peterson,
said: “We believe that programs like the Learning Innovation
Grants and the work of McMaster's Centre for Leadership in
Learning will make a difference in undergraduate education and
help to better prepare students for the increasingly challenging
environment of the 21st century.”

The Imperial Oil Learning Innovation Grants Program will fund a
total of 11 projects through McMaster's Centre for Leadership in
Learning. The Centre's director is Dick Day.

“The goal is simple. We want to give departments the
opportunity to make significant changes in the way they teach
undergraduate programs. Projects that receive funding must
truly transform the way programs are delivered and must provide
students with the chance to learn course content along with the
inquiry, research, critical thinking and communication skills that
will lead to life-long success. Each project will be evaluated and
the most successful approaches can then be adopted by other
departments or other universities,” says Day.

Each grant provides a total of $90,000 in funding over three

Photo (L. to R.): Dick Day, Robert Peterson, Peter George,
Red Wilson.
Credit: Ron Scheffler