How do Canadians feel about COVID-19? A Socrates Project webinar with Clifton van der Linden

From left: Clifton van der Linden and Jeremiah Hurley

How well has Canada met its COVID-19 challenges so far?  Is the jury still out?

Clifton van der Linden, creator of VOX Pop and Vote Compass and an associate professor of Political Science, has taken the pulse of Canadian attitudes to the pandemic over the last four months – from crisis to complacency.

On June 29 at 7 p.m., in the final Socrates Project event of the academic year, Van der Linden will map the evolution of public opinion about the COVID-19 pandemic, presenting the findings of a major new study on Canadian attitudes to the virus and exploring how they have changed since restrictions were initially imposed.

This talk will be moderated by McMaster’s dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and professor of economics, Jeremiah Hurley.

“I am really looking forward to the evening,” says Hurley. “Cliff’s study provides perhaps the most detailed insight available on how Canadians have responded to and are thinking about diverse aspects of the COVID pandemic and Canada’s response since March.”

This is the concluding event of The Socrates Project’s 2019-20 season.

Register for the event on Zoom.

Over the next few months the Socrates team will be hard at work preparing the finale of the two-year pilot – a powerful three-day “festival of ideas” featuring some of the most exciting and powerful voices of our time.

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