High school students get a head start at Shad Valley


[img_inline align=”right” src=”http://padnws01.mcmaster.ca/images/Shad_2007.jpg” caption=”More than 50 high school students are participating in the Shad Valley program at McMaster this year. Photo courtesy of Nghi Phan.”]More than 50 of Canada's best and brightest high school students are attending McMaster's annual Shad Valley program, a four-week summer enrichment program that focuses on science, engineering, technology and entrepreneurship.

“The students who attend the Shad Valley program are already highly motivated and exceptional young people when they arrive, and what we aim to do is provide them with an opportunity to meet similar students and also to experience an academically enriched environment,” says Lindsay Walker, a MacShad co-ordinator. “Students not only gain academic knowledge from the mix of business, engineering, science and arts lectures we provide, but also new leadership tools and strategies to help them on their path to success.”

But it's not all work and no play for the MacShad participants. In addition to attending lectures and workshops, students also have the opportunity to experience residence life in Les Prince Hall and attend tours on and off campus.

“Some of our on-campus activities include McMaster Nuclear Reactor tours, an anatomy lab visit, hands-on workshops and climbing the Alpine Tower,” says Walker. “Our adventures off campus include volunteering with the Yellow Fish Road project, touring the Juravinski Cancer Center, a three-day camping trip, a day at Niagara-on-the-Lake and Niagara Falls, as well as trips to the Ontario Science Centre and Hamilton's own composting and recycling facility.”

McMaster is one of 12 universities across Canada that are hosting Shad Valley programs. This year, 1,500 students applied to the program, and 600 were accepted.

Shad Valley runs from July 1 to July 27.

Information about the 2008 program will be available by late September.