Hamilton and provincial lockdowns bring changes to research, bookable study space and residence

With Hamilton already in lockdown, the new provincewide shutdown announced today will not require many changes for the university, other than ensuring that the regulations remain in place until at least Jan. 23.

That extended lockdown will impact some research and academic activities in the Winter term, although the majority of instruction continues to be virtual and most employees are working remotely.

Hamilton entered the grey lockdown zone as of 12:01 a.m. Dec. 21 and will be part of a provincewide lockdown that begins at 12:01 a.m. Dec. 26. The new strict measures are aimed at reducing the number of cases and curbing the spread of COVID-19 by limiting the growing numbers of people travelling between regions within the province.

Winter term classes are scheduled to begin on Jan. 11, and since the majority are being delivered remotely, they will continue as scheduled. A small number of courses had approved in-person components. Under the new lockdown guidelines, only those designated as clinical or trade courses by the province will be permitted to hold in-person components. Students who have courses with an in-person component scheduled for the Winter term will be contacted by their instructors about any changes to course activities in January.

Research during lockdown

McMaster’s new research directives which went into effect with Hamilton going into lockdown Dec. 21 will now remain in place until at least Jan. 23.

The new directives impact the training of research personnel, research involving human participants and consultation with external research partners. Any travel also needs to be in line with the provincial lockdown regulations, which state travel outside one’s region should be limited to only essential purposes.

More details can be found on the Research website.

Bookable study space closed

Bookable study space in the library is being closed as of Dec. 21. Pickup services at the library have also stopped for the end of term.


Although there are only a small number of students who will be in residence for the Winter term, there are a number of changes to residence life in response to the new lockdown provisions. Study lounges on each floor will remain closed, and the number of occupants reduced for kitchen, common and laundry room areas.