Grad students, we want to know more about your research

A graphic showing a strip of film alongside a projector reel and the word

Whether you’re looking to a career beyond academia or your sights are set on the tenure track, GradFlix is a chance for grad students to brush up on those all-important communications skills.

GradFlix is a video competition where graduate students have one minute to share their research story for a chance to win prizes and be featured in McMaster’s GradFlix showcase. Participants create a video, moving slide show, or animation of no longer than 60 seconds that describes their research.

Communication skills are important, whether your audience is a potential employer, an industry partner, a project team, policy makers, or a lecture hall of first-year students.

GradFlix provides an opportunity for you to explain what it is you do, in a digital narrative format that you can share in your portfolio, attach to your LinkedIn profile and other social media accounts, hyperlink from your resume – it offers so many ways for you to share your communication skills and research story with new audiences, including potential research partners and employers.

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