Flashback to ’66, 50 years of McMaster love


The year is 1966, and a young couple is out for a walk behind Hamilton Hall, hand in hand. This perfect snapshot became the inside cover of the 1966 Marmor. Flash forward 50 years, and while attending the 50th anniversary of the Religious Studies Graduate Program, Rev. Dr. Raymond Hodgson ’66 and Rev. C. Joyce Hodgson ’67, find the 1966 Marmor and point out that that young couple is them!

Not one to miss out on a photo opportunity, Mike Lalich, photographer extraordinaire, grabbed the couple and took them back to that same spot to recreate the photo. The Hodgson’s were delighted to partake and were quite proud to be the featured photo on the Marmor. “And can you believe it, we’re still together,” Joyce commented when talking about the photo. The Hodgson’s will be celebrating another 50th this December, their 50th wedding anniversary.

Slide your cursor from left to right to see the original and recreated photos.



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