Faculty of Engineering Applause and Accolades awards


McMaster University Faculty of Engineering Leadership Award

John Mayberry, former CEO & President, Dofasco

Premier's Research Excellence Award's

Mohamed Bakr, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Premier's Research Excellence Award (PREA)

Tim Davidson, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Premier's Research Excellence Award (PREA)

Jiming Peng, Computing and Software

Premier's Research Excellence Award (PREA)

Chang-Qing Xu, Engineering Physics

Premier's Research Excellence Award (PREA)

NSERC Chairs:

John Luxat, Engineering Physics

NSERC-UNENE Industrial Research Chair in Nuclear Safety Analysis and Thermalhydraulics

Tony Petric, Materials Science & Engineering

NSERC Fuel Cell Technologies Chair

Terry Todd, Electrical & Computer Engineering

NSERC/RIM/CITO/McMaster Industrial Research Chair in “Pico-Cellular Wireless Internet Access Networks”

Xiaolan Wu, Electrical & Computer Engineering

NSERC/DALSA/McMaster Industrial Research Chair in “Digital Cinema”


John Preston, Engineering Physics & Brockhouse Institute

MSU Faculty Award for Teaching

University Honoured Awards:

John MacGregor, Chemical Engineering

University Professor

John MacGregor, Chemical Engineering

Alumni Gallery Inductee, McMaster

Gary Purdy, Materials Science & Engineering

Distinguished Alumni Award, McMaster

Canada Research Chairs:

Rafael Kleiman, Engineering Physics

Canada Research Chair in MicroElectroMechanical Systems

Robert Pelton, Chemical Engineering

Canada Research Chair in Interfacial Technologies

Professional Associations & Societies:

John Bandler, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Canadian Academy of Engineers, Fellow

John Bandler, Electrical & Computer Engineering

2004 Microwave Application Award of the IEEE Microwave Theorty and Technigues Society (MTTS)

Doug Barber, Distinguished Professor-in-Residence

Gold Medal, Professional Engineers of Ontario

Colin Campbell, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Best Paper Award for 2002

Jamal Deen, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Elected A Fellow of the Institute of Electrical Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

Jamal Deen & James Chen, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Best Invited Paper Award from the IEEE Custom Integrated Circuits Conference (CICC), 2002

David Embury, Materials Science & Engineering

2005 Edward DeMille Campbell Memorial Lecturer for ASM Inernational

Ahmad Hamid, Civil Engineering

The 2003 Alan H. Yorkdale Memorial Award

Wei-Ping Huang, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Canadian Institute for Photonic Innovations Inc (CIPI) Award

John MacGregor & Dora Kourti, Chemical Engineering

NSERC Synergy Award, Industry partnership between McMaster, Dofasco and Tembec.

Jiming Peng, Computing & Software

Stieltjes Prize, 2001 of the Thomas Stieltjes Institute for Mathematics

Jiming Peng, Computing & Software

A.W. Tucker Prize 2003

Gary Purdy, Materials Science & Engineering

U.S. National Academy of Engineering (NAE), elected Foreign Member

Leslie Shemilt, Chemical Engineering

Chemical Institute of Canada (CIC) for 50 years of continuous membership.

Dieter Stolle, Civil Engineering

Canadian Geotechnical Society's A.G. Stermac Award for Outstanding Service

David Wilkinson, Materials Science & Engineering

Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, Distinguished Lecturer for 2003/4

Xialon Wu, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Nokia Research Fellowship