“Everything is much more connected than we think”

Photo courtesy of Supercrawl.

Supercrawl – Hamilton’s annual downtown arts and music festival – returns to James North this weekend, and for the fifth year in a row, the McMaster Museum of Art is co=sponsoring art installations.

This year, they’re taking it a step further – in addition to supporting juried works by Adrienne Crossman, Zoma Maduekwe, Christopher McLeod, Laura Moore, Sean Procyk, and St. Marie φ Walker, the museum also put forward artist Hiba Abdallah for the James St. North arts billboard near James North and Vine Street.

Photo courtesy of Hiba Abdallah.

Abdallah’s In Retrospect is a text-based billboard that offers a public observation and declaration. The statement, “Everything is much more connected than we think,” provides a starting point for questions around the nature – and future – of our communities.

To find out more about Hiba Abdallah and other Supercrawl visual artists, visit the Supercrawl website.

Through its MMA in the Community initiative, the museum has previously supported Supercrawl art installations by John Dickson (2015), José Luis Torres (2016), Simon Frank (2017), and Robert Hengeveld (2018).

McMaster Continuing Education and the Socrates Project will have a booth at the festival as well.

Supercrawl runs from September 13 to September 15.

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