Distinguished University Professor title recognizes McMaster’s ‘complete scholars’


The Provost’s office has received 26 nominations for one of McMaster’s most prestigious titles.

The title of Distinguished University Professor, created in 1996, is conferred only on faculty members who have demonstrated distinction and impact well beyond McMaster.

Those awarded the title must have demonstrated an outstanding and sustained research record that demonstrates international impact and recognition.

He or she should also be able to demonstrate excellence in teaching and learning and a history of service that has had an impact on the community.

The title is meant to recognize a “complete scholar.”

No more than two per cent of all full-time faculty members can hold the title.

“There was a great deal of enthusiasm and participation from the community during this year’s nomination period,” says Provost David Wilkinson, himself a Distinguished University Professor. “The high quality of the nomination letters attest to the strength of the faculty at McMaster across all disciplines.”

A committee is developing a short list of candidates to move forward to the final selection process.

The title is conferred by the Chancellor at Convocation.

Faculty offices have also received 26 nominations for the title of University Scholar.

The title is intended to help elevate the stature of faculty members in mid-career, and is supported by a modest research award.


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