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Editor's note: Please allow 48 hours from submission for events to be listed on the site.

TODAY (Wednesday, Aug. 22)


Aug. 22 – The Department of Chemistry presents Xiaosong Lu who will speak on Generation and Reactions of Aryloxy and Diaryloxy Oxadiazolines at 1:30 p.m. in ABB-164.



To Oct. 14 – The Art Gallery of Hamilton in co-operation with the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria presents Sculpture and Graphics, a retrospective exhibition spanning 40 years of work by former McMaster University fine arts professor George Wallace. For more information, contact Bryce Kanbara at 905-524-2030 or e-mail:


Aug. 24 – The Department of Biochemistry presents Victor Ling, who will speak on Challenges in Predicting Substrate Specificity of ABC Transporters in the Genomic Area, at 12 noon in HSC-1A5.

Aug. 24 – The Department of Chemistry presents Ann English, department of chemistry and biochemistry, Concordia University, who will speak on the Role of Metal Ions (Cu and Ca) in the Regulaton of Nitric Oxide Signalling, at 1:30 p.m. in ABB-164.


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