Changes bring more community-friendly message board


The Mactron stays, but in a revised, more community-friendly format.

The Board of Governors has approved recommendations that will make the controversial video board's giant screen less intrusive upon the University community and the surrounding neighborhood. The recommendations, submitted by the Planning & Building Committee, include the following:

7 All third-party advertising has been removed (effective May 31)

7 The screen will be angled towards the Ivor Wynne Centre; on occasions when it could be used as a communication device for the benefit of the University, it will be turned towards the central campus.

7 The sides will be fitted with baffles

7 The back of the sign will be finished

7 The University will buy out the contractual partner using money from the contingency fund, and have sole ownership of the Mactron

7 If, in the future, the football field is moved, consideration will be given to relocating the Mactron at that time.

In presenting the report, University President Peter George noted that, with the removal of third-party advertising, the Mactron is now in compliance with all relevant City of Hamilton bylaws.

It was also recommended that the Department of Athletics & Recreation be asked to develop a policy on the use of the video board and its hours/days of operation. The proposed policy is to be forwarded to the President's Committee on Athletics & Recreation. Once established, it is to be reviewed annually.

Business professor Bernadette Lynn, president of the Faculty Association, commended George for taking quick action on this issue.