Celebrating the people of McMaster

a collage of 4 pictures: Prof Selina Mudavanhu sitting on a desk; researchers in a lab; hospitality staff plating food and 2 people working at a desk.

McMaster employees are the university's greatest strength. Their unique contributions and diverse perspectives drive our collective success.

What makes McMaster special is its people.

Employees are at the heart of what we do. Whether in the lecture halls, research labs, administrative offices, housing spaces, hospitality locations, or any other corner of our university on or off campus, their contributions create an environment that fosters growth, learning, and excellence.

Amid the daily hustle, it’s important to pause and celebrate McMaster’s employees for their unique contributions to its collective success and the community. People are the university’s greatest strength, and we deeply value the individual talents and tireless efforts of staff and faculty who enrich McMaster’s diversity.

To mark National Employee Appreciation Day, employees are encouraged to take advantage of the upcoming well-being and social programs.

We also asked senior leaders to share the things they appreciate most about their teams:

David Farrar President and Vice-Chancellor

circular headshot of David Farrar Every day, I’m grateful for the tremendous contributions of McMaster’s talented and dedicated staff and faculty. Whether you’re educating or training the next generation of citizens and scholars, supporting our outstanding staff, students and researchers, or maintaining our buildings and campus grounds, I truly appreciate the role each of you play in making McMaster such an exceptional place to learn, research and work. Thank you.

Susan Tighe Provost and Vice-President (Academic)

circle headshot of susan tighe I’m deeply thankful for the hard work and dedication shown by McMaster’s faculty and staff. You embody collaboration and innovation, constantly pushing boundaries to fulfill our university’s mission of excellence in education and research and to enhance the student experience. It’s always great to see you around campus, McMaster wouldn’t be known as one of the top universities in the world without your efforts.

Saher Fazilat Vice-President, Operations and Finance

circle headshot of Saher Fazilat My team is amazing – they are always finding ways to come together and find creative solutions to better serve and care for our employees and students. Whether it’s a Winter Safety program from Facility Services, Parking Services, Media Production Services and Human Resources, or Student Affairs and University Technology Services coming together on the Campus Relationship Management, these collaborative efforts have a broad impact on the community.

a facility services worker wearing a yellow vest holds a long pole while standing outdoors on campus on a bright snowy day
A McMaster Facility Services employee works on a flagpole, one of the many things they do to keep campus safe, clean, and well-maintained. (Photo by Georgia Kirkos, McMaster University)
Andy Knights Acting Vice-President, Research

circle headshot of andy knights My team embodies the core values that we hold most closely to our research mission. More than what they do to support our diverse research community, it’s how they do it – with respect, integrity, and excellence. And for that, I salute them.

Lili Litwin Vice-President, University Advancement

circle headashot of Lily Litwin I appreciate my team because of their collaborative spirit. Upon joining McMaster last year, I was immediately impressed by everyone’s willingness to lend a hand in building meaningful relationships with donors and alumni. As we work toward the next fundraising campaign, I look forward to working together with this talented Advancement team to enable transformative impact across the university.

Paul O’Byrne Dean and Vice-President, Faculty of Health Sciences

circle headshot of Paul O'Byrne I greatly appreciate the team who support FHS. Their calm, capable and efficient management of many complex and difficult issues is exemplary. In particular, the breadth of the engagement that is needed, including the educational and research responsibilities, but also the clinical commitments of our faculty, makes these roles very challenging.

Pamela Swett Dean, Faculty of Humanities

circle headshot of pamela swettI appreciate my entire team and their many contributions. Their exceptional support includes the academic and personal care shown to our students by our advising team, and the tireless behind-the-scenes work that’s done to support our researchers and help secure critical research funding.

Khaled Hassanein Dean, DeGroote School of Business

circle headshot of Khaled Hassanein My team reflects the core values of DeGroote and McMaster in the work that they do, and who they are as human beings. I am proud of their commitment to the School’s strategic plan and moving DeGroote towards making a positive impact on business and society.


Prof Colin McDonald standing by a table where a seated student is showing him a device she is working on.
Colin McDonald, Associate Director, Integrated Biomedical Engineering & Health Sciences and Associate Professor Mechanical Engineering, works with a student on campus.
Heather Sheardown Dean, Faculty of Engineering

circle headshot of heather sheardown I appreciate every member of our Faculty of Engineering for their work to create an inclusive, unparalleled experience for our students. From those in teaching, technical, administrative and outreach positions to newly created roles supporting diverse student groups and mental health initiatives like TalkSpot, it takes cross-Faculty collaboration to cultivate a thriving learning community.

Jeremiah Hurley Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences

circle headshot of dean jeremiah hurley I appreciate how my team walks with our students through the highs and lows of their university experience, creating safe spaces for them to grow and plan their futures, one term at a time.

Maureen MacDonald Dean, Faculty of Science

circle headshot of maureen macdonald I appreciate how my team is committed to making sure everyone feels welcome, valued and included in our Faculty of Science. Here’s one of many examples. We just installed a mural by an Indigenous artist. That project was led by three remarkable students who were supervised and supported by our office.