Boris Clinic ‘setting the gold standard’ for healthcare

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On Monday, the $6 million Boris Clinic was unveiled at the McMaster University Medical Centre. In 2012, Jackie Work (pictured) and brother Les Boris announced a $30 million gift to McMaster, which provided funding for the innovative care facility.

McMaster University and Hamilton Health Sciences are opening the first phase of a new outpatient clinic that will provide innovative care for adults by placing several medical specialties under one roof within a clinical teaching unit.

The goal is to deliver patient-centred healthcare that is timely and easy to navigate.

The Boris Clinic, located at the McMaster University Medical Centre, is funded by Hamilton’s Boris family as part of their $30 million gift to the University in 2012. A total of $6 million was dedicated to this unique facility which will enable patients with complex health problems to see several specialists and have related tests during one visit.

The inaugural medical director for the clinic is Dr. Akbar Panju, who will also hold the Boris Family Chair in Education and Internal Medicine. Dr. Panju and other leaders have been making plans for the clinic for a number of years. They have visited adult outpatient clinics in Canada and the United States, including the respected Mayo Clinic, to develop a new model of care. The Boris Clinic is based on three pillars of excellence: best clinical care, education and research.

The model recognizes that there has been a movement from inpatient to outpatient clinical care, and that many patients have complicated issues. “The Boris Clinic will bring all medical specialists under one roof, to create an environment that encourages interaction. Visits and tests can be done in a coordinated and timely fashion, for best patient care,” said Panju.

The facility will also bring education and research into the mix, so that doctors are trained in outpatient care, in a location that brings research and evidence-based medicine into practice. This will ensure that physicians of the future are well trained to look after patients with these issues.

“The Boris Clinic at McMaster University is setting the gold standard for healthcare,” said Dr. John Kelton, dean and vice-president of the Faculty of Health Sciences. “Not only is it set to become the preferred destination for patients with complex medical conditions, but it will fast forward medical research and train the next generation of healthcare professionals who will continue to revolutionize health care everywhere they go.”

The first phase of The Boris Clinic opens June 30, with its first two clinics: the Endocrinology and Diabetes Care and Research Program, and the General Internal Medicine Rapid Assessment Clinic (GIMRAC). Both of these clinics have previously been operated separately within the McMaster University Medical Centre. This initial phase will see about 15,000 annual patient visits transfer to the area, with access to multiple physicians and supportive resources such as dieticians, nurse practitioners, kinesiologists and psychologists.

The new, modern space has 24 exam rooms and teaching facilities that include observation exam rooms and a video-conferencing teaching room.

Later this year, the Boris Clinic will also be the first outpatient clinic at Hamilton Health Sciences to go to fully electronic health records, ensuring patient information can be shared among those in the circle of care.

The second phase will open in 2015, and transfer an additional 19,000 patient visits from medical care areas across McMaster University Medical Centre and dozens more physicians from a range of medical specialities.

“The Boris Clinic demonstrates Hamilton Health Sciences’ commitment to lead the advancement of coordinated, patient-centred care. This innovative clinic will use electronic medical charts, allowing physicians and specialists to share information and provide a seamless experience for patients. This is a huge leap forward in patient care in Hamilton,” said Rob MacIsaac, CEO of Hamilton Health Sciences.