Bicycle engraving offered today


Bike theft is a growing concern on the McMaster campus. A defeated lock is usually the only physical evidence left at the scene. Reducing the chances of a bicycle being stolen and increasing the odds of its recovery is the motivation behind Security Services' second annual Bicycle Anti-Theft program.

While it's crucial that a stolen bicycle is reported to security, in the absence of physical evidence, bicycle owners stand little chance of having their bikes returned. Many bicycles that are recovered end up at auctions due to insufficient identification. (Unlike cars, bicycle manufacturers do not use consistent locations for serial numbers on bikes. To make matters worse, some companies only stamp model numbers on bikes.) If a bike is engraved and it is stolen, the owner will have a better chance of it being returned if it is recovered.

To have your bike engraved with your unique identification (i.e., SIN or Ontario driver's licence), visit the information booth with your bike and identification today , between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. in front of Hamilton Hall.

Security Services estimates that out of a thousand bikes on campus, only 50 have been engraved.

There are several reasons for engraving your bicycle, including the following:

* It discourages theft.

* It provides security and police with positive ownership information.

* During a routine bicycle stop, the ownership of the bicycle may be linked specifically to the rider.

* Driver's licence numbers are easily accessed by the owner, making it easier for report of theft to both police and insurance agencies.