‘Beloved’ iSci prof named one of Ontario’s top teachers

chad harvey 1

Chad Harvey won an OUSA Teaching Excellence Award this week. The assistant professor was recognized for his eccentricity, passion and dedication to easing the transition into first-year university.

A popular faculty member in Science has been recognized as one of Ontario’s top teachers.

Chad Harvey, an assistant professor in Biology and the Integrated Science Program, won a Teaching Excellence Award this week from the Ontario University Student Alliance.

The award recognizes educators who excel at unlocking the potential of Ontario’s young people.

“Chad Harvey is an exceptionally deserving instructor for this award,” OUSA wrote on its blog. “By becoming both a mentor and friend to students, he goes above and beyond the role of an instructor. His lecturers are engaging, interactive, and interdisciplinary, and draw on analogies to teach content and strengthen understanding.

“He is a beloved figure within the McMaster Integrated Science Program for his eccentricity, passion, and dedication to easing the first year transition.

The Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance represents the interests of more than 140,000 students at seven student associations across Ontario.

Chad Harvey at the 2013 TEDx event at McMaster Innovation Park: