Bargaining teams return to the table today


Bargaining teams for the University and the McMaster University Staff
Association return to the table this afternoon. The talks will be
conducted with a mediator present.

In a letter sent to all employees today, University President Peter
George said that he is “hopeful that the outstanding issues will be
resolved and that a labour disruption will not occur.” George writes
that the University “must and can do a better job of creating a
supportive, high-quality work environment” and that it is committed to making improvements. He also acknowledged that “mistakes have been made in the past which have created legitimate concerns.”

As of 12:01 a.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 27, MUSA may legally call for strike
action, provided a strike vote has been taken with its membership and
the result of that vote authorizes the union to call a strike. Once a
strike vote is taken it would be possible for the union to call a strike at any time.

Postscript: Today the University bargaining team distributed its job security and hours of work proposals to members of the McMaster University Staff Association.