Applications now open for the McMaster Okanagan Special Project Funding

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Have an idea for a health and well-being project that could benefit the McMaster community? You can apply for up to $5,000 in funding to make your idea into a reality.

What can you do with $5,000?

For many McMaster-led initiatives, $5,000 can give wings to creative and impactful projects focused on promoting the health and well-being of the campus community.

The McMaster Okanagan Office of Health & Well-being invites staff, faculty and students to apply for up to $5,000 in funding through the McMaster Okanagan Special Project Funding (MOSPF). Established in 2020, the MOSPF helps launch health and well-being projects that benefit the McMaster community.

In 2023, eleven projects received funding through the MOSPF and are currently underway.

One of the recipients, the International Food and Grocery Tour, promotes well-being by connecting students with the Hamilton community and its diverse grocery options. The Student Success Centre, in partnership with the Student Wellness Centre, hosts monthly grocery trips in Hamilton for undergraduate and graduate international, exchange and refugee students. These free trips promote intercultural learning by encouraging students to learn about cultural foods while maintaining a sense of connection to their culture through access to familiar foods and ingredients.

The funding and its impact are not limited to central campus alone. The E3 Lounge at the Waterloo Regional Campus, another 2023 MOSPF recipient, provides staff and faculty with a dedicated space to foster collaboration and team building, created with support from Regional Assistant Dean Dr. Margo Mountjoy and Regional Campus Manager Tami Everding. The lounge offers a retreat from virtual meetings, promoting wellness by encouraging breaks, relaxation, and nourishment with the support of the MOSPF.


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To apply for the 2024 McMaster Okanagan Special Project Funding, submit an application by Thursday, February 29 at 11:59 p.m. 

To learn more about the MOSPF and the application requirements, click here.

2023 McMaster Okanagan Special Project Funding Recipients

    • Celebrating Diversity of the McMaster Community, McMaster School of the Arts
    • Collective Care, MSU Student Health Education Centre / MSU Women & Gender Equity Network
    • Engineering Inclusivity by Design, Faculty of Engineering
    • Indigenous Moccasin Making Workshop, Indigenous Health Learning Lodge / Indigenous Student Services
    • International Food & Grocery Tour, Student Sucess Centre / Student Wellness Centre
    • More Than Food, Hospitality Services
    • Older Adult Open Campus Day: Opening Campus to Our Community, McMaster Institute for Research on Aging / Gilbrea Centre for Studies in Aging
    • ReCoat, McMaster Science Society / ReCoat
    • Waterloo Regional Campus Staff Lounge (E3 Lounge), Regional Assistant Dean Dr. Margo Mountjoy / Regional Campus Manager, Tami Everding
    • World Restart a Heart CPR-A-Thon, McMaster Cardiovascular and Resuscitation club
    • WRaP Toolkit, Department of Pediatrics

For more information about each project, visit here.

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