Another McMaster Who Wants to be a Millionaire


Another McMaster Who Wants to be a Millionaire hopeful has been revealed!

John Norquay, a recent McMaster graduate who has spent the summer working for the MSU, thinks it is pretty cool that at least three individuals from the University community were successful at the telephone qualification level.

Like about 4,000 other qualifiers from across the country, he will be sitting anxiously by the phone at noon on Monday, Aug. 28 waiting for that important call.

A trivia buff since age 10, Norquay, who is returning to McMaster to continue his education, says he tried every day until he succeeded in answering the five questions. “It's a bit embarrassing because I didn't get it until my ninth call,” he laughs. At $2 per try, he still thinks it was a wise investment!

The big attraction for the long-time Jeopardy fan was that this would be an all-Canadian show and, he says, if he isn't one of the lucky contestants, he'll definitely will be watching the program when it airs in September.

And if he won the million dollars? “It sure would be difficult to continue at school,” he admits.