After your undergrad, what’s next? Everything you need to know about further education

Three women, who look like students, are looking down at handouts and brochures in McMaster's Student Centre.

What's next after graduation? The Student Success Centre is here to help you figure it out.

With the pandemic changing the traditional pathways to work and school — including application processes — a lot of students are reconsidering their options as they decide what to do after after graduation. And the Student Success Centre is here to help them figure it out.

“I’ve heard from many students that the pause that COVID-19 forced on us has allowed them time to be more thoughtful of their career path and be more intentional about what’s next after their degree,” says SSC career counsellor Kerri Latham.

October is Further Education Month at the Student Success Centre, and while the programming has adapted from previous years because of the pandemic, what comes next is very much on students’ minds, organizers say.

Throughout the month, the SSC will be sharing information, resources and tools to support students’ decisions and guide them to develop a successful application in a competitive market.

At the annual Further Education Fair, being held online on Oct. 21 and 22, students can chat directly with school and program reps on a virtual fair platform, ask questions and explore a broad range of program options.

Participating reps will meet McMaster students and alumni and share helpful tips on how to get a competitive edge in the selection process, such as applying early, preparing solid academic references, knowing the required documents and being honest and authentic by sharing a personal story.

The SSC is also helping students navigate changes to the planning and application processes brought on by the pandemic: For example, standardized testing such as the MCAT has changed, and there are fewer opportunities to volunteer or participate in extracurricular activities that will make an application stand out.

Online sessions include:

Watch all the webinars on the Student Success Centre’s YouTube channel.

Tips and resources to support the application process can be found on the SSC’s website.

Find more information on Further Education Month.