24,000 students, faculty, and staff provide COVID-19 vaccination proof in MacCheck

Thousands of McMaster students, faculty members and staff have taken steps to comply with the university’s vaccination mandate.  

In the first three days after launching on September 6th24,000 McMaster students, faculty members and staff have uploaded their proof of vaccination in MacCheck 

If you have uploaded proof of vaccination and your status is pending in MacCheck, you can still attend a McMaster location.  If you are going to campus or an affiliate site, you must continue to use MacCheck to complete the Daily Check-in, which includes health screening questions. If you pass the health screening questions, you will see a green check mark, which means you are cleared to attend a McMaster location for the day.  The MacCheck digital tool is available via website browser on any device (smartphone, laptop or tablet): maccheck.mcmaster.ca

McMaster’s vaccine validation team reporting to Human Resources is confirming records as quickly as possible. The team is receiving a high volume of requests supporting vaccination requirements and responding to questions from McMaster’s internal community, as well as visitors, contractors, volunteers and lessees. 

Please be patient while your vaccination record is confirmed by the team.  

McMaster students, faculty members and staff can find step-by-step instructions on how to use MacCheck to attend a university location in the Vaccination FAQs on the Back to Mac website 

Visitors, volunteers, contractors and those employed by organizations that lease space from McMaster have also begun using the McMaster Safety App to provide proof of vaccination to attend a McMaster location. An FAQ on the Back to Mac website contains more information on the steps those external to the university need to take to attend a McMaster location.