2002 Fall Convocation degrees


Morning Convocation

Doctor of Philosophy 12

Master of Arts 94

Master of Science 5

Master of Science (Teaching) 2

Master of Business Administration 14

Master of Social Work 21

Bachelor of Arts Honours 40

Bachelor of Music 1

Bachelor of Kinesiology Honours 4

Bachelor of Kinesiology Major 9

Bachelor of Kinesiology 3

Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Social Work 3

Bachelor of Social Work 1

Bachelor of Commerce Honours 8

Bachelor of Commerce 8

Bachelor of Arts and Science Honours 3

Bachelor of Arts 141

Bachelor of Arts and Science 3

Afternoon Convocation

Doctor of Philosophy 41

Master of Arts 4

Master of Science 103

Master of Engineering 27

Master of Applied Science 15

Master of Science Occupational Therapy 50

Master of Science Physiotherapy 49

Bachelor of Science Honours 26

Bachelor of Science Nursing 21

Bachelor of Engineering 4

Bachelor of Technology 16

Bachelor of Science 46

Bachelor of Health Sciences Physiotherapy 2

Bachelor of Health Sciences Midwifery 2

Graduate Diploma in Advanced Neonatal Nursing 2

Diploma in Clinical Behavioural Sciences 1

Certificate in Ontario Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner 9