USRA Poster Session opens Monday

On Monday afternoon, the Undergraduate Student Research Award program will be highlighted at a special exhibition in CIBC Hall.

The 2012 USRA Poster Session will take place on Nov. 12, from 2-4 p.m. Students, staff and faculty are welcome to attend and see the great research being done by McMaster students – many of whom spent their summers in labs and libraries across campus.

One of the participants, Megan Wightman, explored how an experiential learning component may be introduced to the University’s French program. Another, Prateek Gupta, examined glacially-eroded landforms near Whitefish Falls, ON. to better understand past environmental conditions in the area. A team of Mechanical Engineering students set out to design and construct the first waste heat recovery lab in the world using a natural gas turbine and a pizza oven.

Intrigued? The Poster Session is a fantastic opportunity for other students to learn more about the USRA experience from those those who have participated in the program. Join 45 young scholars from across the University as they share their research findings during the annual Poster Session.

This event is hosted by the School of Graduate Studies.