New option for McMaster T4 tax slips

Later this month, McMaster employees will have a chance to “Opt In” for electronic Tax Slips. Selecting the option for online viewing will be as simple as clicking a checkbox. This will allow employees to securely access their T4 slips from anywhere they can log into Mosaic’s Employee Self Service (ESS) portal.

Employees who “Opt In” for electronic T4 slips will be able to access their tax slips earlier than employees who remain with the paper slip delivery option, as they will not need to wait for rounds of testing with our Printing Provider, or for mail delivery.

Choosing to receive your tax slip electronically is also a more environmentally friendly option.

McMaster produces approximately 35,000 tax slips each year. These are printed on heat sealed, heavy stock, triple-folded paper. If all individuals were to opt for online T4 slips, even if each person subsequently printed their slip on standard printer paper, the University would reduce its collective paper consumption on this annual project by more than 50 percent.

Over the next weeks consider “Opting In” to this initiative. Look for more information on joining this initiative later in January.