Funding of academically‐oriented FWI proposals

Guided by the principles outlined in Forward with Integrity and The Emerging Landscape, McMaster is committed to its research‐focused student‐centred approach, which encourages pedagogical innovation at all levels of the institution. In order to nurture this approach, there is a pool of funds available for projects or initiatives intended to enhance the student experience at McMaster. The source of this support is the President’s Fund, which has been acquired through generous donations by McMaster Alumni; the total amount of funding is $100,000.

The proposed projects must adhere to the principles and address the priorities outlined in The Emerging Landscape; the task force reports could also serve as the basis for project ideas. Each project is eligible to receive up to $5000 from central funds, however, applicants should first seek financial support from local sources (Faculty, Department, Administrative Unit). The intention is to assist in the launch of endeavours that will advance the University’s transformation. As the learning portfolio was considered a robust vehicle for enriching the student experience, projects that explore the use of the portfolio or develop its key components will be of particular interest; however, excellent projects addressing all areas of the student experience are invited.

There will be two rounds of review for proposals: applications for the first round must be submitted by noon, November 15, 2012, those for the second round must be submitted by noon on January 31, 2013.

Application Process

Applications from faculty, students and staff are welcome. The application process will entail submission of a short document (maximum 2 pages) by email to, outlining the proposed project, budget, timeline and alignment with FWI. To ensure transparency and enhance communication, we ask that the Dean and appropriate supervisor (eg. Department Chair, Program Director) review and endorse the application prior to submission.

Approval Process and Criteria

Members from the Advisory Group will participate in the decision‐making. The applications will be reviewed

and evaluated with respect to the following questions:

1. Does the project foster collaboration, interdisciplinarity and relationships across traditional boundaries?

2. Is there an opportunity for students to be exposed to (or participate in the development of) new or

emerging research and/or to advance their way of thinking about how research is performed?

3. Does the initiative offer students an experience beyond conventional classroom borders?

4. Does the project challenge the confines of existing programming and advance new paradigms of

research or education?

5. Are the goals and outcomes clearly articulated and has consideration been given to evaluating success?

6. Does the proposal have the potential for lasting value and sustainability once the initial funding has

been exhausted?

7. Is this funding support integral to the success of the initiative? Will it be significantly improved through

these funds?


Applicants should also outline how they will communicate/disseminate the information they collect and share discoveries resulting from their initiative.