Boom, Bust and Crisis: Social sciences faculty launch book Friday

Two social sciences faculty members will speak at a Hamilton book launch that will also feature a musical performance and a silkscreen workshop.

School of Labour Studies professor Wayne Lewchuk and Department of Political Science associate professor Peter Graefe will speak at the launch of Boom, Bust and Crisis, which runs from 7:30 – 10 p.m. on March 1 at the Workers Arts and Heritage Centre.  Both Lewchuk and Graefe contributed sections to the book, which is edited by John Peters of Laurentian University.

Professor Lewchuk contributed to a section entitled Precarious Employment and Occupational Health and Safety in Ontario, which looks at concerns about health and safety and insecure employment, while Associate Professor

Graefe contributed a portion entitled Wither the ‘Quebec Model’? Boom, Bust and Quebec Labour.

Professor Lewchuk notes the book is part of a series that focuses on different areas of labour, which is aimed at both students and activists.

The event kicks off at 7:30 p.m. at the Workers Arts and Heritage Centre, which is located at 51 Stuart St., Hamilton. There will be food and a cash bar at the event in addition to the speakers and musical performance by Hamilton artist Tiny Bill Cody.