Spring 2014 McMaster Writes

McMaster Writes

Bill Freeman ’70 & ’79 published The End of War in 2013. The book explores the practices of both war and peace, and takes the positive view that humanity can one day achieve the dream of a war-free planet. While completing a PhD in Sociology at McMaster, Freeman started writing the Bains series of books for young people – covering how people relate to the land, their struggles to earn a living and survive and the diverse types of people that make up our country.

Yuvraj Ramsaroop ’73 is the author two recent books – Realizing the American Dream-The Personal Triumph of a Guyanese Immigrant and The Message: A Tale of an Old Man and His Dreams. He is a graduate from the Faculty of Business, with a degree in Commerce.

David McMurray ’79 recently published Canada Project: Collected Essays & Poems, which received the 2013 R. H. Blyth Award. The prestigious award celebrates a non-Japanese native who has chosen to live in Japan and – with rare passion and dedication – devote his or herself to education through haiku and related subject matter. McMurray currently leads a think tank of Japanese researchers, Canadian ex-pats and traveling academics.

Vince Molinaro ’85 released his third book, The Leadership Contract, through John Wiley and Sons. The personal improvement book is designed for top-level executives, mid-level managers, front-line leaders and emerging leaders made it to The New York Times best seller list. Molinaro graduated with a degree in Psychology.

Lisa Finch (Walpole) ’90 has added the fictional story “Peach Cobbler” (featured in the anthology 100 Doors to Madness, Forgotten Tomb Press) to her previously non-fiction published credits. Finch is a graduate from the Faculty of Humanities, with a degree in English.

Robin Kearns ’88 released Soundscapes of Wellbeing in Popular Music through Ashgate’s popular Geographies of Health series. The book explores musical soundscapes of health, ranging from activism to international charity, to therapeutic treatments and how wellbeing is sought and attained in contexts of music. Kearns is a professor of Geography at the University of Auckland, and one of the book’s co-authors, Gavin Andrews, is a professor in McMaster’s Department of Health, Aging and Society.

Christine Schuler ’95 published Blooma and the Portal under the pen name C.M. Hunter. Blooma May Buckles is the new girl in town. She’s adjusting fairly well to life in Japan, despite the fact that she misses her best friend back home. To make matters worse, she falls through a portal into a different dimension and must find her way back home.

Caroline Fernandez ’96 published her first book, Boredom Busters, in 2014. The book offers more than 50 activities, recipes, experiments and more to entertain kids at home, in the classroom, or on the go. All of the activities are easy and inexpensive, and many projects are eco-friendly; encouraging children to recycle and reuse.

Diana Mafe ’02 & ’08 released Mixed Race Stereotypes in South African and American Literature: Coloring Outside the (Black and White) Lines. In the book, Mafe examines the popular literary stereotype of the tragic mulatto from a comparative perspective, and considers the ways in which specific South African and American writers have used this controversial literary character to challenge the logic of racial categorization.