RSS Newsfeed

To share McMaster’s news with a wider audience, the Daily News utilizes several RSS feeds that enable syndication of the University’s news stories to a wide variety of news sites around the world.

An RSS (Rich Site Summary) newsfeed is a computer-readable file that summarizes new content published on a Web site, including headlines, summaries and links. By utilizing this feature, you will be able to keep track of all new content on the Daily News, without having to visit the site every time a new item is posted.

To utilize this feature, you must first download an RSS feeder (also called a news aggregator). For a list of readers, click here. Once the software is installed, enter the address of the RSS files you are interested in, for example, and the program will regularly check this site, alerting you to any new items it finds.

RSS feeds allow users to configure their sites so that the latest headlines from another site’s RSS feed are embedded into their own pages, and updated automatically. It is a convenient way of staying up-to-date with content of a large number of sites.

This feature will improve public awareness of events at McMaster, enhance its connection to the community and will bring to the Daily News Web site a technology already widely deployed at other post-secondary institutions.

News aggregators will need to be directed to the following URLs in order to use the RSS feeds.

Headline RSS News Feed


Worth Mentioning News Feed