Unsettled Ethical Issues in Gene Drive Research Discussion Series: What ethical principles ought to govern gene drive research?

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12/10/2021, 10:00 am - TO - 12:00 pm

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Homo sapiens have been altering their environment deliberately to address a wide range of needs and unintentionally through various activities for millennia – and likely will continue to do so. However, changes that are acceptable to some may appear unacceptable to others for very different reasons. What are the ethical concerns at play in these disagreements? This panel discussion series will explore and juxtapose various ethics perspectives and their relation to the emerging gene editing technologies collectively known as gene drive.

On the second Tuesday of each month for five months starting in July 2021, a moderator and panelists will meet for 2 hours starting at 10 am US east coast time to describe their position on the question, conduct a moderated discussion, and entertain questions from participants.

For a complete list of sessions, go to this website.

Each panel discussion is recorded and made publicly available. Recorded sessions for this series may be viewed on the GeneConvene YouTube channel.

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