Pride is Political: A History of Queer Activism with PhD Candidate Nisha Eswaran & Alumnus Craig Jennex ’11

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25/02/2021, 1:00 pm - TO 25/02/2021 - 2:00 pm

Organizer: Alumni Advancement

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Since 1973, volunteers have amassed a vast collection of important artifacts in Toronto’s ArQuives that speak to personal experiences and significant historical moments for Canadian queer communities.

Authors Craig Jennex ’11 and Nisha Eswaran (McMaster PhD cand.) co-authored Out North: An Archive of Queer Activism and Kinship in Canada. It is a fascinating exploration and examination of one nation’s queer history and activism, and Canada’s definitive visual guide to LGBTQ2+ movements, struggles, and achievements.

Dr. Craig Jennex ’11 is an Assistant Professor of English at Ryerson University and an ArQuive volunteer since 2012. Nisha Ewaran is a PhD candidate in McMaster’s Department of English and Cultural Studies, where she researches friendship and anti-colonial history in South Asian literature.

Join us for their talk about this book. Out North is available from your local independent bookstore, or through Indigo.

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