Documentary screening: SHAMELESS: The ART of Disability

Black Box Theatre, L.R. Wilson Hall

13/02/2019, 7:00 pm - TO 13/02/2019 - 8:30 pm

Organizer: The Socrates Project - McMaster University

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Art, activism and disability are the starting point for what unfolds as a funny and intimate portrait of five artists with diverse (dis)abilities. Produced by the National Film Board of Canada and directed by award-winning Bonnie Sherr Klein, the film tracks this bold and brilliant gang of five artists and activists, Persimmon Blackbridge, David Roche, Geoffrey McMurchy, Catherine Frazee and Klein herself, while they create and then present their multi-faceted self-representations.

Documentary screening as part of Constructed Identities exhibition, January 16 – March 15.

Free event. Register online today or call 905-525-9140 ext. 26848. Link: