Digital Literacy: Skills and Strategies for Navigating an Era of Fake News, Conspiracism, and Systemic Distrust – a workshop with Dr. Mark Busser

20/09/2017, 12:00 pm - TO 20/09/2017 - 1:00 pm

Organizer: HG Thode Library of Science and Engineering

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A Thode Makerspace Workshop Series
All events take place in the Thode Library Makerspace, on the lower level

At a time when many of us read our news through the medium of social media, how do we know which stories to trust? This workshop on digital literacy will examine the problem of fake news, explore the roots of conspiracism and the general distrust in scientific communities and authorities. We will learn how to recognize types of fake news and identify the telltale signs of fake news sites. In order to turn our cynicism about the news industry towards a healthy skepticism, we will explore some interdisciplinary remedies to curb the systemic distrust in science.

A Science Literacy Week Canada event.
Science Literacy Week Canada is an opportunity to celebrate the science that is happening all around us on campus and across Canada. Join McMaster University Library and our partners during the week of September 18-24, 2017 for a great lineup of events and activities.

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