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Becoming Yourself Series

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13/09/2022, 4:30 pm - TO 18/10/2022 - 5:30 pm

Organizer: Open Circle

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Six week series free from cost, stress and exams for students!

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New term, new you!

In this new beginning, take a journey into asking: Who am I? How do I strip away the layers and uncover the original me? Why am I here? What would it look like for me to live authentically in a world that isn’t always supportive of my true self? How can I motivate myself with kindness?

A chance to find support with other travellers on the path who are asking similar questions. Try a variety of mindfulness practices and experiment with integrating them into your daily life.

The series will include weekly 50 minute workshops with interactive group exercises, mindfulness exercises to practice daily, a meeting with a staff coach and self-awareness and creative activities.

-Experience mindfulness and self-care practices
-Explore “Who am I?” and hear your own voice more clearly
-Motivate yourself with compassion instead of criticism
-Grow your courage to be yourself and let go of comparison
-Explore your Life Purpose: What is calling me? What am I passionate about?