A graphic advertisement for Global Nexus' event entitled 'Antimicrobial resistance at the nexus of science, society, commercialization & policy' that features the headshots of the event's four speakers.

Antimicrobial resistance at the nexus of science, society, commercialization & policy


12/10/2022, 8:00 am - TO 12/10/2022 - 5:00 pm

Organizer: Canada's Global Nexus for Pandemics and Biological Threats

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The solution to the AMR problem lies as much with disciplines outside of biomedicine as within it. Thus, a major goal of the AMR Task Force is to engage and connect those working outside the biomedical sciences, with those working within it. With strong Business and Engineering schools, thriving Social Science and Humanities Faculties, and renowned Science and Health Science Faculties, we are eager to build on McMaster’s strong history of interdisciplinary collaboration, and catalyze university-wide AMR research under the auspices of Global Nexus.

The one-day symposium aims to promote action within the McMaster community around themes including scientific, economic and societal issues related to AMR.

The day will include a morning symposium (8 am – 1 pm) where internationally acclaimed thought leaders will speak broadly to these themes. This will be followed by afternoon workshops (1 pm – 5 pm) focused on brainstorming opportunities and hurdles associated with addressing key issues, and ideas for future conversations and collaborations.

Breakfast and lunch will be served. This event is open to McMaster faculty and students.

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