“And I will be heard”: Voices from the American Abolitionist Movement in the Liberator

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06/05/2021, 1:00 pm - TO 06/05/2021 - 2:00 pm

Organizer: Alumni Engagement

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On January 1, 1831, William Lloyd Garrison published the first issue of the Liberator, which would go on to become one of the most famous abolitionist newspapers in history. It lent momentum to the movement against slavery in the United States and sought to draw the attention of white audiences to the narratives of Black people. Despite receiving death threats, Garrison never ceased publication for his 3000 subscribers. Only with the conclusion of the Civil War in 1865 did the Liberator end its run.

The William Ready Division of Archives and Research Collections is fortunate to hold many original issues of the Liberator, spanning the time period of 1839-1859.

We invite you to join Dr. Sarah Whitwell ’16 as she explores the ways the Liberator helped shape the battle for emancipation in the United States.

Speaker Bio:
Dr. Sarah Whitwell ’16 is an educational developer with the MacPherson Institute for Leadership, Innovation & Excellence in Teaching. Sarah completed a second Mac degree, a PhD in the Department of History in December 2020. Her SSHRC-funded research explores how black men and women experienced racialized violence during the transition from slavery to freedom and in the decades immediately following emancipation. As part of this research, Sarah draws attention to the narratives and experiences of marginalized people that are sometimes difficult to access within the historical record.

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