Mosaic post-launch support


The McMaster community will have several ways to access support services for the University’s new PeopleSoft finance and research post-awards system, which launches on the first week of December.

The McMaster community will have several ways to access support services for the University’s new PeopleSoft finance and research post-awards system, which launches on the first week of December.

The switch to PeopleSoft will both introduce new software, PeopleSoft, and introduce updated process changes in day-to-day job tasks. Both of these have the potential to spawn questions among users in the days and weeks following the system’s launch. With several thousand expected users, there is the potential for a large number of calls to the Mosaic Hotline service desk which would be frustrating for both callers and responders.

To prevent this frustration, the Mosaic team has developed a structured support plan that aims to get system users the assistance they need in as timely a manner as possible. (Even with this plan, please be patient with the support team. It’s impossible to predict how many support queries the team will receive. While we have people in place to respond to your questions, response times will be dependent upon volume of calls received and the complexity of the issues being addressed and could be prolonged.)

When the system launches, the central starting point for support information will be the new Mosaic portal under the “Support” tab (available on launch day at  The “Support” tab will recommend the following steps.

1)   Before using the system complete the orientation and training activities. The support team is not prepared to teach basic PeopleSoft skills. These skills are best learned using the tools available on the Mosaic Learning Hub.

2)   Self help. No one likes to be told to refer to the manual, but please, if you have a question about how to do something, start by reviewing the self-help materials, such as the online training material and the FAQs.

3)   As part of self-help, follow the steps in the self-triage matrix (located on the portal “Support” tab) for a full list of resources. This matrix will walk you through common challenges and recommend ways to resolve the issue.

4)   If the first three steps cannot resolve your challenge, contact the Mosaic Hotline via the support web form on the portal “Support” tab. (Alternatively call the Mosaic Hotline at ext. 2HELP (ext. 24357) and select option 1, but the web form is your faster option.)

Support will be available from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on University business days. Requests for help submitted via the web form or by phone will be responded to by a sequence of support personnel. Staff with extra PeopleSoft training, so called super users, will respond to business process related questions. Additional “SWIFT” response teams will be available to deal with technical problems. Further levels of support will be engaged as needed.

In all cases, start looking for support at the new Mosaic portal: under the “Support” tab. In particular the system status and FAQS may provide ready answers to your questions.

System orientation and training

System orientation and training session [INSERT LINK ] continue for individuals who will need to use the new system. Several online courses have been released, including two pre-requisite courses which future system users are strongly encouraged to take before beginning other classroom or online courses. PeopleSoft Basic Navigation and Workflow, Approvals and Delegation provide an introduction to basic PeopleSoft functionality and should be considered a minimum orientation.

(All future system users should have received emails inviting them to training. If you anticipate using the system but have not received an email, please contact

About Mosaic

Mosaic is McMaster’s project to modernize its business and administrative processes and replace its current business systems with an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. Mosaic will replace the current systems used for student administration, finance, research administration, and human resources, as well as develop a business intelligence system. Replacing all of these systems in one multi-year project provides a rare opportunity to modernize the University’s business processes. The new system will be launched in stages over the next year and a half. For additional information about the project refer to the Mosaic website: