Minor in Muslim Studies now available to undergrads at McMaster

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Students from all Faculties now have the option of taking the new Interdisciplinary Minor in Muslim Studies.

McMaster undergraduate students from all Faculties now have the option of taking a minor in Muslim studies.

The Interdisciplinary Minor in Muslim Studies, developed by the Department of Religious Studies, was created in response to strong student demand for courses related to Islam and provides opportunities for students to explore Muslim beliefs, practices, thought, and history across a variety of geographic locales and timeframes.

“There’s no question that students are interested in Muslim studies,” says Celia Rothenberg, Associate Professor and Chair of Undergraduate Affairs, Religious Studies. “World events are feeding this interest, as are family backgrounds and intellectual curiosity on the part of our students.”

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“We have found that we fill all the courses that we offer on Islam and that students from many disciplines are already enrolled in a number of these courses,” she says. “We are pleased that we can now provide the opportunity for students to translate that interest into a minor.”

The minor builds on the already wide variety of courses offered by Religious Studies and incorporates courses related to Islam offered by a number of other departments as well including, History, Sociology, Peace Studies and Communications and Media Studies.

The academic objectives of this minor include developing an awareness of the wide diversity and pluralism found in Islamic beliefs and practices, encouraging students to become critical consumers of news and the world around them, and fostering an understanding of Islam in relation to other religions.

To qualify for the minor, students will need to take at least 24 units from a list of courses.

Undergraduate students in any Faculty are eligible for the minor.


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