McMaster completing switch to Person ID this March


McMaster is merging the separate student and employee number systems into a single Person ID with nine-digits.

At McMaster there are three kinds of people: those with a student ID number, those with an employee ID number, and those with both. This March those three groups will join when the University merges the separate student and employee number systems into a single Person ID with nine-digits.

The switch to Person ID will be straight forward for those who have only an employee or a student number. Their new Person ID will be their old seven-digit number with two zeros added to the front.

However, for those with both an employee ID number and a student ID number, the question arises: which number to use.  In a nutshell:

• Individuals who are primarily students, such as graduate student teaching assistants, will use their student ID number (with two leading zeros) as their Person ID. This group also includes students with work study jobs at McMaster.

• Several criteria will differentiate those individuals who will use their employee ID numbers (with two leading zeros) as their Person ID. The most obvious factor is does the person receive employee benefits (such as Sun Life benefits).

• A complete decision matrix is available

• Within Mosaic, references to employee ID, EMPID or student ID will all use the new Person ID

The switch to a single Person ID system will make it easier to administer several programs at McMaster, particularly for individuals who frequently move been the two groups, such as graduate students. (See earlier article for details.)

Common Questions

I’m not sure if my Person ID will be my employee or student ID number, where can I look it up?

Your Person ID is on your electronic pay statement.

Will I need to get a new employee card/badge?

No. Even if your Person ID is based on your old student ID number, a previously issued employee card will continue to work for you.

Will I need to get a new student card/badge?

No. If you are an employee whose student ID number has changed to match your employee ID number, you can use your employee card/badge to verify your identity at exams.

Will this affect my MAC ID?

No. Your MAC ID, the authentication system used to control access to many University information systems, will automatically be connected to your Person ID.

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