McMaster adopting new system to manage vacation time, sick days, leaves and absences


How many vacation days do you have left? It's a question many employees have trouble answering, but next January employees will be able to find their remaining vacation days online.

How many vacation days do you have left?

Surprisingly, this is a question many McMaster employees have trouble answering. But next January, employees will be able to find their remaining vacation days online.

The new system to report leaves and absences will be introduced as part of the Mosaic human resources system this October. It will track leaves and absences for all staff, including managers. Faculty members, sessional instructors and TAs will not use the system.

Leave and absence tracking is integrated with the Mosaic time reporting system. Staff who report hours each week will enter vacation or sick time taken along with their worked hours. Employees who work a set schedule will report exceptions to that schedule, such as vacation and sick days.

The new system will replace a patchwork of existing systems (and many Excel spreadsheets) at McMaster and provide a simple and consistent way for staff to manage their vacation allotment and personal days. Staff will see their remaining days on their bi-weekly pay stub or can log in to the Mosaic website to view their balances.

The system will:

  • Provide a consistent method of reporting
  • Provide a clear accounting of the number of days used and remaining
  • Provide an electronic way for staff to request future vacation time
  • Make it easier for staff who switch departments to move their remaining days

The new system will be available when the HR system launches in October, but initially only a few departments will use the leave and absence features. Widespread use is planned to begin on Jan. 1, 2015 when all McMaster staff receive their 2015 allotment of vacation time.

Learn more:

To help staff better prepare, the Mosaic team is holding several events where the new time entry system will be explained in more detail. A webinar focusing on Absences and Leaves functions, including vacation time, will be held on July 31 from 1-1:15 p.m. here.