From electronic pay statements to electronic tax slips


McMaster employees now have the ability to create and store a secure online version of all T4 and T4A slips for payments from Human Resources Services.

McMaster has already taken an important step towards environmental sustainability by creating electronic pay statements for all employees. These statements are securely stored and are accessed via Mosaic.

The University now has the ability to create and store a secure online version of all T4 and T4A slips for payments from Human Resources Services. Access to view these slips will also be through Mosaic.

As part of its own Green Initiative, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has officially recognized electronic slip delivery as a valid means of delivering tax slips to individuals (the CRA is moving toward becoming paperless in 2016).

This means the online version of McMaster’s tax slip will be an official copy and can be printed by an employee who has chosen electronic slip delivery, if and when needed.

Go green:

For those employees who consent to receive electronic slips, no paper slips will be printed. Instead, an email notification will be sent to each employee, which will let them know that their tax slip(s) are available to be viewed online. The tax slips themselves will NOT be emailed. Only the notification will be sent via email.

Email notifications will also occur whenever a change is made to your T4/T4A Consent Status, to ensure you are always aware of your current Consent Status.

Even with many employees printing their own slips on regular printer paper, McMaster has the potential to reduce its paper consumption on this annual project by over 50 percent, as compared to printing heat-sealed, triple-folded slips on heavy stock for all employees.

Opting-in is easy and secure:

To access the T4/T4A Consent page, you must log into Mosaic and select the Employee Self Service menu.

Submitting your consent is as easy as clicking a check-box, and is password protected for your added security. You will be prompted to provide your MAC ID password when making a consent change.

Get your tax slips sooner:

One advantage to Opting-In is that electronic slips will be available to employees earlier than paper tax slips will be, each and every year. There will be no need to wait for the multi-step, tax slip printing job (printing, heat sealing, and sorting), or for the mail itself to be delivered.

Only employees who have submitted their consent will be able to view their T4 or T4A slips online in Mosaic, so you will need to Opt-In to receive this added benefit.

It’s your choice:

While electronic tax slips will be created and stored for all employees, McMaster recognizes that not everyone will wish to use this method of delivery this year. McMaster’s department of Human Resources Services is leaving the decision to Opt-In for this exciting new initiative in your hands.

Interested in opting-in?

Instruction on how to Opt-In are now available.

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