Athletics and exchange enrich degree


Students from the DeGroote School of Business graduate today. Below, Nora Griffiths, of DeGroote's undergraduate commerce class of 2009, is profiled.

[img_inline align=”” src=”” caption=”McMaster University Rowing Club and an exchange to Belgium enriched commerce graduate Nora Griffth’s experiences at the DeGroote School of Business.”]

Students from the DeGroote School of Business graduate today. Below, Nora Griffiths, of DeGroote's undergraduate commerce class of 2009, is profiled.

Nora Griffiths has McMaster maroon in her veins. Growing up, she spent her holidays in summer camp at the University where her parents are alumni.

“Both my parents got their honours bachelor of commerce degrees at McMaster, and although I applied to other schools, in the back of my mind I always knew I would go to DeGroote.” she says.

Although she was set on studying accounting when she began her undergraduate degree at the DeGroote School of Business, Griffiths decided to take advantage of the wide variety of courses offered to students in the program.

“I was able to explore,” she says. “The hands-on, case-based learning style of the marketing and sales classes provided me with a new outlook on business which I loved.”

In her third year of study, Griffiths continued her educational and personal exploration by embarking on exchange to Belgium.

“I went to Vesalius College in Brussels for one term, and to date, it has been one of the best experiences of my life. I returned a completely new person. It made me more knowledgeable, confident and social,” she explains.

To ensure other students were aware of this rewarding opportunity, Griffiths quickly became involved with the promotion of the Business Exchange Program for Global Mobility, acting as a committee member and student chair.

Four years as a member of the McMaster University Rowing Club (MURC) has also contributed to her personal growth.

“I joined the rowing team in second year,” says Griffiths, “and their support has allowed me to develop into a motivated individual and athlete who is committed to reaching my goals both on and off the water.”

Following convocation, Griffiths will spend the summer training with the National Rowing Team in London, Ontario, before moving to British Columbia to begin her masters degree in education, leadership studies and global development at the University of Victoria.

“My exchange experience left me bitten by the travel bug,” she says. “The international aspect of business and communications truly interests me, so I hope to one day work for an international consulting firm focusing on establishing companies in foreign territory.”

As she looks back on the past four years, Griffiths cannot believe how far she has come.

“I know, hands down, that I am not the same person I was when I started at DeGroote,” she begins. “The combination of going on exchange, the course variety and the highly involved teaching style of my professors, coupled with my rowing experiences have prepared me for the real world. I am graduating a different person. I know wherever I end up that my experiences at DeGroote have prepared me to face any challenges that lie ahead.”