All-genders washrooms now open on campus


McMaster’s Equity and Inclusion Office will introduce 50 all-genders washrooms across campus this week.

McMaster’s Equity and Inclusion Office will introduce 50 all-genders washrooms across campus this week.

The single-user washrooms will be re-signed indicating their use by all genders, and can be found in a number of buildings on McMaster’s main campus.

An all-genders washroom is one that is available to everyone regardless of their gender identity or gender expression.

The locations of the washrooms, many of which are accessible for persons with disabilities, can be found here.

The Equity and Inclusion Office has created an online resource for transgender, gender non-binary and two-spirit students, staff and faculty members. The resource provides information on a range of topics including how to change the name and/or gender marker on a student or employee file, how to access services such as residence or athletics and recreation health benefits information.  

Questions and/or concerns can be directed to

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