Worth Mentioning

Time to update your MAC ID password

April 18, 2016

Beginning this spring McMaster will take steps to improve the security of MAC ID passwords. Specifically, faculty and staff who have a password which is more than a year old will be required to change their password. Henceforth, MAC ID passwords will expire automatically annually.

Passwords which are more than a year old will begin expiring in June. The backlog of expiries will be randomly spread through June and July to ease the transition.

Users are encouraged to pre-emptively change their MAC ID password now using Mosaic. Look either in the “My Profile” tab or in Main Menu >> MAC ID management tools. Users are advised to clear all saved instances of a MAC ID password before changing it. Saved passwords are often found in, for example, email programs/clients and Wi-Fi log-in credentials. Additional instructions are available at www.mcmaster.ca/uts/macid .

If you have any additional questions feel free to contact the Service Desk at 905-525-9140 extension 24357 or send email to uts@mcmaster.ca.