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Prevent a slip and fall this winter season

November 25, 2016

During the winter season we can expect to see plenty of ice and snow.  Slip and fall incidents often result in serious injury.  What can you do to reduce your risk of a slip and fall in the winter time?

Stick to the path - Only travel on designated pathways that have been treated and cleared for use.  Avoid taking shortcuts.    

Choose proper footwear - Appropriate footwear will increase traction on ice and snow.  Consider having an extra pair of shoes for use outdoors.

Take your time - Slow down and exercise caution when walking outdoors or when entering buildings.  

McMaster University has a snow removal plan to ensure ice and snow is cleared from all roadways, parking lots, and pathways in a timely fashion. If you are aware of an area that requires attention, please contact Facility Services at ext. 24740 or after regular business hours, contact Security Services at ext. 24281.

Environmental and Occupational Health Support Services

eohss@mcmaster.ca x24352

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