Worth Mentioning

Nature @ McMaster Hikes

June 13, 2017

"It's a very interesting campus if you think of it in two ways, I mean from the one-side it opens on this exquisite natural landscape and then on the other side opens on the city and, that to me, in some ways quite a poetic thing..." -Patrick Deane

Do you like the sound of rustling leaves? The chirps the birds make? The beautiful scenery of nature?

Well you're in luck! 'Nature at McMaster" is just for you.

Nature at McMaster is a 'resource looking at ways to get outside, explore nature, and get healthy' that runs all throughout the year. It's open to all members of the McMaster community; faculty staff, students, and others. The resource has many events to foster for all.

Currently, Nature at McMaster holds 'Noon Hour Hikes' every Wednesday all throughout the spring and summer! Participants meet in front of DBAC and are then led by a designated hiker right in the backyard of McMaster University.

The hike varies in theme each week. Either it'd be an informative, an educational or simply a relaxing hike, participants will be able to enjoy and explore the natural landscapes within the McMaster community.

For more information, visit: http://www.mcmaster.ca/nature/.