March 6, 2000

Bertrand Russell project director to retire

By Tracy Doerr

On the seventh floor in Togo Salmon Hall, in the offices of the Bertrand Russell Editorial Project, lined on top of a cabinet, nests a set of 17 blue, hard-bound editions. The library consists of the 14 volumes of The Collected Papers of Bertrand...
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March 6, 2000

Daily News site wins viewers' approval

By Trudi Down

Launched only one month ago, the Daily News Web site is attracting lots of attention. Statistics made available on Feb. 25 indicate that the site is getting over 45,800 hits per day, on average. That's more than one million hits during the site's...
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March 4, 2000

March 4 - Update on Negotiations

By Gillian Howard

Negotiating teams for the University and the McMaster University Staff Association (MUSA) were available to bargain throughout the weekend but little progress was made.
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March 3, 2000

Exciting period of renewal lies ahead for McMaster

By David Leeder

McMaster is currently on the verge of one of the most exciting periods in its history, predicts University provost and vice-president academic Harvey Weingarten. In his fourth annual State of the Academy address on Feb. 29, Weingarten anticipated...
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